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Congratulations to the MS and EdS CTE Graduates!

We are happy to introduce to you our Spring 2013 MS and EdS graduates:

Master’s Degree in Career and Technical Education
Spring 2013 Graduates: Jason Goeldner, John Kleven, Tracy Muthig, Leonard Pederson, David Shipley, Sonya Weiler, and David Wilhelms.


Pictured left to right are: David Wilhelms, Tracy Muthig, John Kleven, Dr. Carol Mooney (Program Director), Sonya Weiler, and Leonard Pederson.

Education Specialist Degree in Career and Technical Education
Spring 2013 Graduates: Paula Collins, Carmen Iannarelli, Cathi LaFontaine, Natalyn Marlaire, Diane Marcyjanik, Tom Steward, Rob Swegle, and Katie Wagner-Roberts.


Pictured left to right are: Paula Collins, Katie Wagner-Roberts, Tom Steward, Rob Swegle, Dr. Carol Mooney (Program Director), Carmen Iannarelli, and Cathi LaFontaine.


UW-Stout’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Career and Technical Education

From Madison, at the UW Board of Regents Meeting
In a unanimous vote, the Education Committee, as did the full Board of Regents, approved the proposed Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Career and Technical Education at UW-Stout. This is the first professional doctorate in Education at a UW System comprehensive institution.
Interim Provost Jackie Weissenburger told Regents that the program is a career-oriented doctorate – sometimes referred to as a “workforce doctorate” – that fits in well with UW-Stout’s career-focused, polytechnic mission. The three-year, 60-credit program will be geared toward working professionals who need an advanced degree to take on leadership roles in career and technical education, said Weissenburger.
“From the technical colleges’ perspective, this (program) is needed. I encourage strong support,” said Regent Mark Tyler, who is also president of the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.
Two technical college presidents added their support. Dr. Bob Meyer, president of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – the state’s largest technical college in terms of geographical range – emphasized how much the program is needed in western Wisconsin. Bryan Albrecht, president of Gateway Technical College in southeast Wisconsin, told his personal story of having to commute weekly to the University of Minnesota over a period of seven years to earn his Ed.D because the degree was not offered in Wisconsin. He said he had a “deep respect for a hybrid program” that would get students through in three years.
Dr. Carol Mooney has spent countless hours compiling research, outlining needs, gaining support, and navigating the required paperwork to be able to have this doctoral degree approved. We would like to thank her for her dedication to her students, UW-Stout, and the field of Career and Technical Education.
Please visit the UW-Stout News Release for the complete article.

Congratulations Graduates!

Please join me in congratulating the MS and EdS Winter 2012 graduates on a job well done. Best wishes to them in their lives and careers!
Dr. Carol Mooney ~ MS and EdS Program Director

Master’s in Career and Technical Education – Winter 2012 Graduates
Heidi Arvold, Sandy Chapman, Richard Denhart, Kathleen Eldridge, Jim Gruenke, Melinda Hanson, and  Stephanie Vobornik

Pictured left to right are August and December MS CTE Graduates: Dr. Carol Mooney (Program Director), Richard Denhart, Tom Felton, Steve Ebben, Andrew Schwalbe, Melinda Hanson, and Jason Schenzel.

MS Winter 2012 Graduates

Education Specialist in Career in Technical Education – Winter 2012 Graduates
Pictured left to right are: Dr. Carol Mooney (Program Director), Andrea Schullo and Marsha Tweedy.

EdS Winter 2012 Graduates

2013 Winterm and Spring UW-Stout CTE Courses

January 2013 is nearly here and if you have not already registered, then this information is for you! Listed below are the courses offered specifically for the CTE programs. For additional information please view these classes online within Access Stout.\

Spring 2013 – New Courses Just Added
CTE 440 930A | Instructional Evaluation in CTE
2/4/2013 – 4/22/2013 – Online
Feb 8-9; April 13; (Friday 5-8, Saturdays, 8-4) Face to Face in Appleton

CTE 640 930A | Instructional Evaluation in CTE
2/4/2013 – 4/22/2013 – Online
Feb 8-9; April 13; (Friday 5-8, Saturdays, 8-4) Face to Face in Appleton

Spring 2013 Courses
CTE 502-930C | Principles of Career and Technical Education
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 560-930C | Cooperative Occupational Education Programs
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 638 930C | Course Construction
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 640 931C | Instructional Evaluation in CTE
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 674 930C | Adult Education
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 708 930C | Issues in CTE
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDPSY 850 930C | Psychology of Development
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDUC 603 930C | Educational Psychology of Adult Learners
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDUC 726 930C | Administration
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDUC 740 930C  | Research Foundations
Online, 1/22-5/15

ICT 710 960 | Learning Technologies
Online, 1/22-5/15

SCOUN 501 930C | Intro to Guidance
Online, 1/22-5/15

TECH 733 930  | Impacts of Technology
Online, 1/22-5/15


You found us. Great! Soon we will be filling this blog with all the information related to the UW-Stout MS and EdS CTE programs that you need to access: Course offerings, program director campus visits, deadlines for graduation, research help resources and the like. Of course we welcome your input and questions in the comments section. We are glad to have you here!