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Announcing MS CTE Central Wisconsin Cohort

Now accepting students for Fall 2013!

This dynamic program is delivered online and through on-site courses conveniently scheduled on some weekends in the Central Wisconsin area at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, Wisconsin. Designed for teachers, coordinators, and administrators who provide workforce training and development while serving from positions in secondary, postsecondary community or technical colleges, higher education and private sector training programs.

Students will progress through the program as part of a cohort group. Students will complete courses each term (Fall, WinTerM, Spring, Summer Session) and complete the program in two years. The program will run Fall 2013 – Summer 2015. The MS CTE Cohort is presented by UW-Stout and hosted by the UW-Stout CTE Ambassador at Northcentral Technical College with support from the UW-Stout CTE Ambassadors at Mid-State Technical College and Nicolet College.

  • Courses held conveniently online or on weekends in your area
  • Financial Aid available when registered for at least 5 credits a semester
  • Incorporate WTCS teaching certification into degree plan
Program Highlights
  • Courses are delivered by experienced, full-time faculty
  • Complete your master’s degree in two years
  • Program designed for working professionals
What Our Graduates are Saying

“My experience is a prime example of just how beneficial and highly recognized UW-Stout’s MS CTE Program is within the technical and community college system and beyond. The program gave me the skills, the knowledge and the support to fast forward my career and technical education career and land a job even before graduation. I recommend UW-Stout’s MS CTE Cohort Program to all technical and community college instructors and administrators as well as to secondary career and technical education stakeholders.”
Kinga Jacobson | 2011 UW-Stout MS CTE Cohort Graduate
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Faculty Development Consultant

For More Information

Visit the UW-Stout MS CTE Central Wisconsin Cohort website.

Attend the Open House: Wednesday, March 6, 4:00-7:00 pm at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, WI. Email JoDee Mittlestadt for additional information.

If you have questions, we welcome you to contact:

Dr. Carol Mooney
UW-Stout MS and EdS CTE Program Director and Professor | 715.232.1444

Devon VandenHeuvel
UW-Stout Ambassador at Nicolet College | 715.369.3851

Peter-Jon Rudquist
UW-Stout Ambassador at Mid-State Technical College | 715.422.5429

Bradley Schinker
UW-Stout Ambassador at Northcentral Technical College | 715.573.4455



2013 Winterm and Spring UW-Stout CTE Courses

January 2013 is nearly here and if you have not already registered, then this information is for you! Listed below are the courses offered specifically for the CTE programs. For additional information please view these classes online within Access Stout.\

Spring 2013 – New Courses Just Added
CTE 440 930A | Instructional Evaluation in CTE
2/4/2013 – 4/22/2013 – Online
Feb 8-9; April 13; (Friday 5-8, Saturdays, 8-4) Face to Face in Appleton

CTE 640 930A | Instructional Evaluation in CTE
2/4/2013 – 4/22/2013 – Online
Feb 8-9; April 13; (Friday 5-8, Saturdays, 8-4) Face to Face in Appleton

Spring 2013 Courses
CTE 502-930C | Principles of Career and Technical Education
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 560-930C | Cooperative Occupational Education Programs
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 638 930C | Course Construction
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 640 931C | Instructional Evaluation in CTE
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 674 930C | Adult Education
Online, 1/22-5/15

CTE 708 930C | Issues in CTE
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDPSY 850 930C | Psychology of Development
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDUC 603 930C | Educational Psychology of Adult Learners
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDUC 726 930C | Administration
Online, 1/22-5/15

EDUC 740 930C  | Research Foundations
Online, 1/22-5/15

ICT 710 960 | Learning Technologies
Online, 1/22-5/15

SCOUN 501 930C | Intro to Guidance
Online, 1/22-5/15

TECH 733 930  | Impacts of Technology
Online, 1/22-5/15