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Kinga Jacobson’s Article Featured in ACTE Publication


Kinga Jacobson, EdD CTE student, was published in the May 2014 issue of the ACTE publication, Techniques. Great job and congratulations, Kinga! The article is available online by visiting


CTE Certification Distance Ed. Cohort Begins Summer 2014


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In response to the need to deliver our secondary CTE certification programs – Business Education, Marketing Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Technology Education – we have developed a distance education option to meet the needs of placebound individuals seeking certification and a degree from the premier provider of these programs, UW–Stout!

We are now accepting students for a summer 2014 launch of a cohort to serve this group.

This is how the program will work: UW-Stout will deliver all of our teacher education coursework, the education core and CTE specific courses in philosophy, principles, methods of instruction, course construction, evaluation and class/lab management, online.  Students needing additional technical coursework, e.g. the major/discipline area, can access that through Stout or their closest technical college.  Any general education course requirements that need to be met can be taken online through UW-Stout or UW Colleges.

Completion of required coursework can be accomplished over a three year time frame.  Program completion will result in the awarding of a degree in Business Education, Marketing Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Technology Education from UW-Stout.

The target audience for this cohort are individuals who desire to teach but have difficulty relocating to UW-Stout to earn a degree; people who have been hired under an emergency license, and teachers seeking additional licenses.

Advisement will be provided by UW-Stout program directors with the added bonus of a student services specialist.

More information, including application processes and the course sequence can be found at Please share this information with interested individuals.  We look forward to serving this unmet need for degree completion and delivering quality CTE teacher education coursework.

You will be directed to one of the following certification program options:

B.S. Marketing and Business Education-
Contact: Dr. Urs Haltinner,

B.S. Technology Education-
Contact: Dr. David Stricker –

B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Education-
Dr. Diane Klemme –

All other inquiries:
Julia Tronnier, Student Services Specialist

Nancy Chapko receives Epsilon Pi Tau Research Award


We would like to congratulate Nancy Chapko on receiving Epsilon Pi Tau’s 2014 Graduate Student Research Award for her region. Nancy’s study was titled: An Investigation into the Application of Universal Design for Learning Techniques by Wisconsin Technical College System Faculty and Staff. The complete work is available by clicking the above link.

“The Gift of Leadership” by Dr. Bob Meyer, 2014 CTE Executive in Residence


UW-Stout hosted an inspiring event with the 2014 CTE Executive in Residence. This annual event focuses on inspiring students through the success, expertise, and experiences of visiting Stout alums. This year’s guest was Dr. Bob Meyer, President of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. The main event of the the CTE Executive in Residence is a TED Talkesque presentation to a large group of students, faculty, and administration. Dr. Meyer’s presentation was titled “The Gift of Leadership.” We are happy to welcome you to enjoy the event in the following ways:

A video of the presentation is available here:

The presentation slides are available here:

A presentation summary written by Kinga N. Jacobson, EdD CTE student:

Lessons Learned from Dr. Robert Meyer in “The Gift of Leadership”

Dr. Robert Meyer, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College President gave students the Gift of Leadership at the 4th Annual Career and Technical Educator in Residence event held on March 26-27, 2014 at University of Wisconsin – Stout. The session unwrapped leadership lessons learned in four decades of post-secondary career and technical education, permitting students a glimpse into the realities of practiced leadership.

Dr. Robert Meyer’s teachings revolved around three major themes. Specifically, he emphasized the importance of participative leadership, innovation and holistic education, as well as career and technical education advocacy.

When unwrapping the issue of developing a culture of collaboration, especially in context of a culture change from hierarchical, autocratic management to a participative, empowered environment, he outlined the significance of trust. Trust is the essence of leadership, the absence of trust making management effectiveness and institutional progress impossible. To develop it, leaders are to be personally involved at all organizational levels, demonstrate caring for each subordinate, and allow staff members to develop solutions to internal and external concerns. In regards to employee authority, the resounding message was that career and technical education professionals are “a group of very talented individuals who will arrive at a good resolution” (Dr. R. Meyer, phone conversation, March 27, 2014), leadership’s role being to create the atmosphere that facilitates demonstration of workforce talents as means of continuous organizational innovation and improvement.

Holistic career and technical education encompassing academic, technical, and employability skills was the speaker’s second gift. In this regard, Dr. Meyer expressed that employers want to hire graduates with very broad skillsets as their needs are ever evolving. Technology advances, global competition, and customer demands are changing the jobs as well as the expectations, making the ability to adapt, think, and adjust some of the most prevalent skills workers need.

The third present Dr. Meyer brought to us related to the prominence of advocacy in career and technical education. He spoke of promotion of career and technical education teaching practices at local, state, and national levels, positing that we all have a role in creating awareness and in securing support from local industry and community leaders as well as state and national politicians. Underscored were the collaboration with the K-12 system and state leadership to assure that educators as well as decision makers gain a better understanding of the mission and potential of career and technical education for leading students, as well as the country, to long-term success.

The message of the Gift of Leadership session was powerful and clearly aligned with the outcomes of our degree, placing them into the realities of practice in our local post-secondary setting. It highlighted the relevance of the subjects in our program, offering guidance for key issues and responsibilities we will face in our leadership roles. Personally, I found Dr. Meyer’s demeanor and passion for our profession extremely inspiring, allowing me to realize that leadership and success start from one’s heart and are embodied by being future orientated, having a continually positive attitude, and seizing energy for endless renewal. All in all, the conference refined the particulars of my future role as a leader, providing motivation to seek a career path that will allow hand-off of my gift of leadership to the next generation in line, repeating the pattern of successful career and technical education leadership.


Jared Sunsdahl, MS CTE Student, Promoted to Major in U.S. Army

Please join us in congratulating MS CTE student, Jared Sunsdahl on his recent promotion to Major in the United States Army. Major Sunsdahl is currently serving as an ROTC instructor at UW-Stout, with an upcoming assignment in June of 2014 to attend the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS. We would like to thank Major Sunsdahl and his family for their continued service to our country.

Major Sunsdahl receiving promotion plaque from LTC K. Dave Pindell.

Major Sunsdahl receiving promotion plaque from LTC K. Dave Pindell.

The Sunsdahl family from left to right; Madison, Major Sunsdahl, Rebekah, Cady, and Meagan.

The Sunsdahl Family from left to right; Madison, Major Sunsdahl, Rebekah, Cady, and Meagan.


Save the Date: 4th Annual CTE Executive in Residence – March 26 and 27, 2014


UW-Stout will be welcoming Dr. Robert Meyer, President of the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, as the 2014 Career and Technical Education Executive in Residence. Dr. Meyer has served as President of WITC since 2009; prior to that time, he was Dean of the College of Technology, Engineering and Management, Director of the NWMOC/STTI, Program Director for Manufacturing Engineering and Professor in the Engineering and Technology Department at UW-Stout.

President Meyer will be on campus March 26 and 27, 2014, speaking to students and faculty in large and small group sessions. Share this information with your students and mark your calendars now and plan to attend the keynote presentation titled: The Gift of Leadership on Wednesday, March 26 from 4-5 p.m. in room 210 Applied Arts.

For those that you are off campus, we welcome you to make a trip to Stout to participate in the CTE Executive in Residence program. If that is not feasible for you, a special session for off campus students will be held Thursday morning at 8 am. We will facilitate a session using Blackboard Collaborate to provide you the opportunity to learn from and with Dr. Meyer. Check back in for more information – details to follow!

There will also be opportunity for you to spend time with President Meyer in a small group setting and class discussion. A complete schedule will be coming out soon!

About the CTE Executive in Residence Program: The Career and Technical Education Residency Program was developed to inspire, motivate, and showcase career successes of graduates of UW-Stout. A variety of distinguished leaders in Career and Technical Education volunteer their time and expertise for one or several days on the UW-Stout campus in order to facilitate student and faculty development via small group seminars, round table discussions, and presentations open to the campus. Residents are selected based on their demonstrated leadership, exemplary moral code, novel problem solving techniques, a proven record of exemplary team building and/or strategic planning, and demonstrated passion for serving as a role model.

Dr. Carol Mooney Receives Award


During the Advisory Board meeting on November 21st, Dr. Carol Mooney was presented with an award of appreciation for her dedication in launching the Doctor of Education in Career and Technical Education. This award was presented by Dr. Melody Brennan, on behalf of the CTE Advisory Board and Dr. Mooney’s CTE colleagues.

Dr. Mooney both expressed her surprise and gratitude for the award during the meeting. She also would like to share that the launching of the Ed.D. CTE program was a joint effort from a very dedicated team of UW-Stout administration, faculty, students, and alumni. Many individuals played part in the research, proposal, Higher Learning Commission visit, curriculum development, and the behind-the-scenes work key to a smooth launch. Dr. Mooney shared, “Each of your efforts were seen and are much appreciated – Thank you.”