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EdD CTE Cohorts – Weekend #2

The second weekend on campus for the two EdD Cohorts has now come and gone. There was great excitement and energy in the air! Several opportunities were available for the two cohorts to network and share areas of interest.  For example, based on the concept of speed-dating, “Rapid Researching” was conducted.  This involved the Inaugural Cohort and the Pioneer cohort meeting for three eight-minute rounds, exploring topics, sharing ideas, and identifying resources. It was a valuable experience for the Inaugural Cohort to refine the articulation of their research ideas as well as providing some ideas for the Pioneer Cohort to pursue.

Here is a look at the Pioneer Cohort getting ready for a small group presentation under the direction of Dr. Carol Mooney.

pioneer classroom


Major takeaways from the Pioneer’s first weekend.

The Inaugural Cohort in Comparative Systems with Dr. Urs Haltinner leading the way.

inaugral with Urs

The next time both cohorts will be together on campus will be February 6 and 7, 2015. Until then, everyone is working hard to complete the assignments as the end of this semester is fast approaching!