EdD in CTE Cohorts

The fall term at UW-Stout is well underway.   We are thrilled to have held our first on-campus meeting of the 2014 Ed.D. CTE Cohort – now and forever aptly known as the Pioneer Cohort of the EdD in Career and Technical Education at UW-Stout.  This group was on-campus for the Introduction to the EdD in CTE class.  During their time on campus, they established the core values that will guide them throughout their doctoral journey.  A photo depiction of the group and their core values appears below.

In addition to the on-campus presence of the Pioneer Cohort, the Inaugural Cohort was also visible, engaging in their study of Comparative Systems with Dr. Urs Haltinner.   The Inaugural cohort had an updated photo shoot; you can see this scholarly group below, with their core value statements included.

Both groups will return to campus on November 7-8, 2014.

(Applications for the fall 2015 cohort are being accepted; review of materials will begin on March 1, 2014.  Go to http://www.uwstout.edu/programs/eddcte/apply.cfm for specific information about the application process or contact Dr. Carol Mooney at 715-232-1444 or mooneyc@uwstout.edu)


2014 cropped pioneer photo

To be successful, the EdD CTE Pioneer Cohort expects all members to:

  • Collaborate with each other

–Encourage teamwork, respect, and honest feedback

–Follow-through on all responsibilities

  • Demonstrate communication skills with an open mind

–Listen to learn; be in-the-moment

  • Be engaged, intrigued, curious, and passionate
  • Model continuous improvement



2014-09-05 04.06.05

To be successful, the EdD CTE Inaugural Cohort expects all members to:

  • Collaborate
    • Develop professional relationships and network
  • Demonstrate patience, tolerance, honesty and respect
  • Commit to cohort
    • To the work
    • Everyone is accountable
  • Open minded, continuous improvement and learning
  • Be a resource for and to others

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