Ed.D. CTE – Inaugural Cohort


The Ed.D. CTE inaugural cohort has officially launched. The first class began October 25, with a reception to celebrate the program and honor the efforts put forth in its research, review, development, and approval. Attendees included the Dean of the College of Education, Health and Human Services; Director and Assistant Director of the School of Education; Ed.D. CTE Program Director; as well as the Ed.D. CTE faculty and support staff. The most important guests however, were the doctoral students themselves. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome and congratulate them for being selected for UW-Stout’s first CTE doctoral cohort! The enrolled students are:

Brian Bartel, Michael Bird, Nancy Chapko, Shaun Dudek, Kinga Jacobson, Matthew Janisin, Brian Klinger, Shelly Olson, Jeffrey Pepper, Laura Reisinger, Matthew Simoneau, and Jeffrey Sullivan.

Present in the photo are the doctoral students and administration. Front to back, left to right: Michael Bird, Jeffrey Sullivan, Dr. Carol Mooney (Ed.D. CTE Program Director), Brian Bartel, Dr. Brian McAlister (Director, School of Education), Nancy Chapko, Shaun Dudek, Shelly Olson, Kinga Jacobson, Laura Reisinger, Jeffrey Pepper, Dr. Mary Hopkins-Best (Dean, College of Education, Health and Human Services), Matthew Simoneau, Matthew Janisin, and Brian Klinger.


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