Archive | July 2013

Higher Learning Commission Visits UW-Stout Campus

In late June, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) sent two reviewers to UW-Stout to interview internal and external stakeholders that included various faculty, students, and staff, and members of the program advisory board,  as part of the Doctor of Education in Career and Technical Education accreditation process. The event was comprised of a series of short meetings, many of which featured UW-Stout CTE students and alumni. In typical form, these individuals shone as outstanding members of our student body and the educational field. The reviewers were awed by their accomplishments, positions, and future goals. Once again, our CTE students have made the UW-Stout community very proud. We would like to thank each of you who attended, both in-person and remotely, for taking time from your busy schedules to support the growth of the CTE programs at UW-Stout.


This outstanding group (along with many others) traveled to campus to represent the graduates of the MS and/or EdS in CTE programs: (left to right) Tim Tewalt, Carmen Iannarelli, Matthew Simoneau, Debra Kjelstad, Devon VandenHeuvel. Due to a busy day, we were unable to photograph all students and alumni, but each of their contributions provided crucial support for the Ed.D. in CTE. Students and alumni also aiding in the HLC event included: Katie Wagner-Roberts, Shelly Olson, Daniel Kovach, Pamela Schield, Brian Bartel, Jeff Ylinen, Kinga Jacobson, Roger Stanford, Annette Severson, Andrea Schullo, Alex Birkholz, Jerri Brewer, Rich Denhart, and Nancy Chapko.

The HLC review was a very enlightening and positive experience for UW-Stout. We look forward to the hopeful approval of the Ed.D. in CTE.